Listing Your Cemetery Property with Lots for Less, Inc.

Lots for Less, Inc. does not buy cemetery property; instead we offer individuals the opportunity to sell their cemetery property through our consignment program.


For more information on listing your cemetery property with Lots for Less, Inc. please send an email to: with the following details about the property you'd like to sell:

  • Which cemetery is your property located in?
  • Type of property (i.e. Ground, Mausoleum, Lawn Crypt, Cremation)?
  • How many spaces are available to sell? (i.e. no burials in the spaces)
  • Are you in posession of the "Deed" issued by the Cemetery?
  • Is your name on the deed? If yes, is anyone elses name on the deed in addition to you? If no, please explain how you are related to the person or people named on the deed and if they are living or deceased.

Serving families who have an immediate need to bury a loved one is our top priority, but we always reply at our first opportunity to all inquiries to list your cemetery property with Lots for Less, Inc. Please allow up to 1-3 weeks for a response.